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To construct in an ecological way was a basic decision.
Then, the first question is: “HOW?” After some recearch, mainly via the internet, I came across an amazing amount of alternative building techniques.
The second question is: “WHICH?” technique suits me best, considering available skills, money and materials.
I chose to construct with car tyres. If you google or youtube “earthships” you come along a lot of information.
Though, I am not creating an earthship, I am using the way they construct the walls.
To lower the costs, I wanted to make the roof with local materials.
Some ideas came across:
– Four or five citybus roofs welded together.
– A tatched roof, build with the help of Guarani indians.
– Corugated iron, simple, common, easy, cheap.
– Domes of concrete.
For now I choose to go for the domes. It gives a more artistic look to the atelier. The materials are easy available and it looks fun to make. Lets go!


About Frank Koopman casa

Dutch artist. Sculptor. Now, building up an an art atelier, located in Foz do Iguaçu. The whole project is built using reused and recycled materials. The atelier is located on the terrain of the COC Semeador school. Here, in this picture, I am with my daughter carrying araucaria trees as we were helping planting, in a reforestating effort in Urubici/SC. The araucarias are the symbol trees of Paraná. Artista e escultor holandês. Atualmente, constrói um atelier em Foz do Iguaçu. O projeto utiliza materiais reusados e reciclados. O atelier é localizado no terreno do colégio COC Semeador. Nesa foto, estou com a minha filha carregando mudas de araucárias num esforço de reflorestar mata em Urubici/SC. As araucárias são as árvores símbolo da região do Paraná.

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